Core Golf Strength Will Improve Your Game

The core golf strength, unknown to many enthusiasts of the game is the conditioning and strengthening of the muscles in your body, which you use to play golf. The weaker and unprepared this core golf strength is, the weaker your game of golf will be. But let us explain why this should be the core golf strength of any player, whether amateur or professional.

The game of golf involves extremely unnatural movements for the human body. This is one of the reasons why the golf swing is so difficult to master. It is simply because even as you try your best to get your swing right, the natural tendencies of your body and the muscles is against your efforts. It therefore makes a lot of sense to exercise and condition those muscles because as you strengthen them to deal with the golf swing for example, the movement will come more naturally to you. The inevitable result is that your golf game will improve dramatically.

Many amateurs believe that the key to playing well rests solely on improving their swing technique. While this is largely true (there is never a single key element to being a great golfer), what they fail to realise is how important it is to condition your body in order to efficiently execute the right swing motions that will help improve their technique.

One of the reasons why real core golf strength is often shunned or ignored by most, is the fact that many amateur golfers dread the mere thought of exercise. The thought of dripping sweat and rigorous exercise is terrifying to many who have taken to this so-called gentleman’s game. So terrifying that they hardly bother to find out the details about the nature of the exercises or why for instance, senior citizens with back problems manage them so well that they sometimes even end up eliminating some nagging physical pains like persistent back pains.

Just to be clear, improving your core golf strength doesn’t necessarily mean having a muscular, toned body. Far from it. What it means is essentially conditioning your body to meet the strength and flexibility demands of your golf swing. How your body looks, should have very little bearings on that. Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of the top players now, such as Patrick Reed, Kiradech Aphibarnrat & Shane Lowry, as well as the more senior pros like Colin Montgomerie, Angel Cabrera and everyone’s favourite, big John Daly.

So if you’re struggling with your game and find yourself feeling weak and fatigued after a round of golf, it is about time you start investing a little more time and effort in your core golf strength.

Denver Lim
Author: Denver Lim

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