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There are many golf courses. Let us take example of The Vijay Ganesh Group of Hotels and Resorts which it is known for its commitment to excellence in hospitality and golf. The merger of the Vijay Ganesh Group with the Trident Hotels Pvt. Ltd. in January 2015 has further enhanced these qualities. With 18 championship-level golf courses, including several layouts designed by world-renowned architects, the group continues to grow its portfolio of award-winning properties. Located in the Aavinagar neighbourhood of Pune, the Nita Lake Golf Course offers a challenging course for golfers of all standards. The 18-hole course was designed by Arnold Palmer and is laid out on 100 acres. It crosses over Nita Lake and offers panoramic views from many points along the course. It also features four par-3 holes – three short ones designed around a green, another short one that finishes off at Nisa Lake and a long par-3 that eventually leads to Nizampur Road, also passing through Nizampur Village. The Cottage Grove Golf Course is an 18-hole layout overlooking two lakes, Aamki Lake and Mihki Lake at Bhandewar village near Yerwada in Pune district. This private layout was laid out by Gaurav Sharma in 2006 and it measures 6990 metres in length (6386 yds.). There are six sets of tees: two on each side of the fairways with a large green between them and two more just outside.

What do you have to know about golf courses?

In order to create a golf course, some general guidelines have to be followed. For example, golf courses have three holes on a side and four holes on the other, with alternate holes at different distances from the green. The distance from the tee box to the first hole is called the “tee box angle.” The Aamki Lake Golf Course is 6990 metres long while its sister course, Mihki Lake Golf Course, measures 6386 yards in length. There are six sets of tees: two on each side of the fairways with a large green between them and two more just outside those greens.

How to utilise a golf course?

Playing golf can be expensive, but there are ways to make it a more affordable experience. If you want to play, let us say at the Cottage Grove Golf Course in Pune, for example, you could play nine-hole rounds for a low fee. The Vijay Ganesh Group also offers golf packages that give you access to 18-hole green fees as well as other amenities like breakfast and lunch. Not only is this a great deal, but the course is also very challenging (one of the toughest in Pune). It has a par of 73 and six sets of tees with a generous fairway width. Another way to enjoy golf without spending too much money is by playing different courses in the country. The Vijay Ganesh Group has some of the best courses in India on offer with 18 championship-level layouts across three cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. With its commitment to excellence, this group is sure to provide an exciting experience for its guests. All in all, familiarizing yourself with a course is necessary to play your golf well. Many uses a buggy car to move or transport themselves and their heavy golf equipment around the big course.

Who to set foot on a golf course?

Set foot on a golf course? When it comes to the Vijay Ganesh Group, there are many options for golfers of all abilities. We take them as a case study again – the group is the owner or operator of 18 championship-level golf courses and has several layouts designed by world-renowned architects. Some of their properties include Nita Lake Golf Course in Pune, Cottage Grove Golf Course in Pune and Gaurav Sharma’s Nizampur Village Golf Course. The group also operates two nine-hole courses – one in Mumbai and one in Hyderabad. They are also involved with other activities, like event management and food services, which promote fitness and health. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, a golf course should welcomes all!

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