Golf: The Great Stress Reliever

For many people, playing golf is a way to work off the stress of everyday living. For others, however, it is the source of their greatest frustration. The game of golf can be a lot of fun, or it can be the most infuriating game known to humans.

No two golf games are alike, no matter how good or bad the players may be. One reason for this is that the weather conditions on the day you play will never be identical, and weather has a large role in the game of golf. While some die-hard fans will be on the course rain or shine, others will never play during thunderstorms. These people are probably smarter than the others! Wind is one feature of the weather that has an enormous impact on your game because it affects the way the ball travels. Golf balls spin when they are hit, and the spin can be enhanced by wind. This may cause the ball to drift away from its target. Golfers must account for the wind when they take their shots.

From a physical perspective, Golf is an excellent form of exercise, especially if you walk the course. You will walk an equivalent of more than six kilometers during an eighteen-hole game, since a good course is about just more than three kilometers around. Even if you end up cruising around the course in the comfort of a buggy, a full round of Golf still requires a good amount of effort and energy (both physical and mental). You’ll be glad to know that completing a full round of Golf with the help of a buggy, still helps you burn an estimate of 800-1300 calories (depending on your gender, age and weight).

Playing a game of golf also gives you a good reason to get out of the house and spend some time outdoors enjoying the beauties of nature. Most courses are well landscaped and located in nice areas. In some places, you may also be able to catch a glimpse of the wildlife that lives around a golf course, including squirrels and rabbits. The proximity to nature helps you forget about the mistakes you made on your last shot. It calms you down so you can prepare for the shot to come.

There is also quite a bit of honor associated with the game. While this may be surprising to some people, it is a fact that golf is the only game in which a person calls a penalty on himself or herself. Those who play the game with honor never hesitate to do so when it is required. As with anything in life, there are of course some exceptions to this etiquette. There will inevitably be an existence of dishonorable players who are serious about the game and claim to be good at it, but who would never call a penalty, regardless of how much they deserve it. Last I checked the English dictionary, these people tend to be called cheaters. Then there is another group of people who simply play the game for fun and laughter. For them, rules are simply a base guideline on how the game should be played, but not something to be taken too seriously. They probably won’t call penalties on themselves, but they won’t go round telling everyone how good they are at the game. They simply are there just to have a good time out with their friends and are not concerned with their scores at all.

A good time out, is generally how most golfers will sum up their past four to five hours, as they walk off the 18th hole, regardless of how well they fared in the scorecards. They’ve been able to spend the last couple of hours in a beautiful green setting, gossiping, laughing with their buddies, burning calories, keeping their bodies active and just generally taking their minds away from their daily worries. All that achieved in the name of friendly competition with friends.

This is why, Golf, is a great stress reliever.

Denver Lim
Author: Denver Lim

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