Miura Golf Introduces PI-401 to Cater to Golfers of All Levels

Miura Golf today introduced the PI-401, the first player improvement iron in the distinguished Japanese manufacturer’s history.

The PI-401 makes it possible for golfers of all levels to experience the renowned sound, feel and performance of a Miura iron.  The forged face and cast body meld the latest performance-enhancing technology with six decades of club making craftsmanship to produce maximal distance and forgiveness.

The PI-401 is masterfully crafted under the supervision of the Miura family.

When Katsuhiro Miura first began forging irons in 1957, he dedicated his career to refining the classic iron. He has since been joined by sons Shinei and Yoshitaka, and the multigenerational collaboration has produced the finest premium clubs in the game.

“We have created an exceptional iron that goes higher, straighter, and further than any club we’ve ever produced, all while maintaining our family’s standards for design and performance. Using two different materials, we were able to manipulate weight distribution in the PI-401 and introduce a club that is worthy of bearing the Miura name.”

Shinei Miura

The PI-401 is designed to help golfers get the best out of their game. By delivering minimal offset at address, the club head frames the ball comfortably, inspiring confidence and control. The two-piece construction has enabled Miura Golf to optimize the thickness of the club face. Made from Premium S35C carbon steel, the 3.6mm ultra-thin face allows for an enlarged sweet spot generating faster ball speed, higher trajectory, and further distance. All without compromising the sensory feedback golfers covet.

Using a cast 8620 soft steel body, the dual-material iron bears a larger head and wider sole for more forgiveness with an even distribution of weight throughout the club. The widened sole with four separate angles improves turf interaction with less resistance and is consistent in a range of conditions.

Discerning golfers can preorder the PI-401 at www.miuragolf.com.

Wilson Ang
Author: Wilson Ang

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